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Bhanru Ramkrishnapur Gramin Unnayan Sanstha, (acronym BRGUS), is a non- governmental, secular and non-profit earning social development organization, formed by a committed young men & women of its locality headed by Biswajit Sardar, founder Secretary of the Organization in the year 2005 with a dream in his eyes of an equalitarian society. He meant overall development of needy areas, where people are living in inhumane conditions. And within a few months, he was successful in spreading his dream amongst the few like-minded people—all sons of the soils. 

BHANRU RAMKRISHNAPUR GRAMIN UNNAYAN SANSTHA(BRGUS), has started its journey in 2005 with its limited resources, and this year, it has completed its 14 years of services in the field of welfare and development. This science-oriented and not for a profit-making organization has extended its benevolent services to generate meaningful employment to the most vibrant population of India through the various skill training programs, welfare, and development activities.

It particularly covers the population (male and female) of the poor community of South 24 Parganas district. Besides, it renders its services for the underprivileged children of the rural community, and other deprived sections. The focus of its services is to strengthen human rights and justice through bridging the socio-economic gap among different stakeholders.  Participatory action, research, and so forth need-based approaches are integrating the multi-layered stakeholders and service providers.  

All these activities are supported by the Government of India, Government of West Bengal, and other donor agencies. A team of highly experienced and qualified human resources has extended their hands for effective implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of every program. Successfully, the organization has achieved to provide space for employment to the youth and women of poor and deprived communities through its skill training program on beautician, basic computer training, readymade garments and cooking & catering service, etc. The organization and its collaborative efforts are dedicated to building up a peaceful integrated society. It never supports communal disharmony. That’s why, its work is for all, no consideration of race and creed particularly. It tries to draw the attention of mass upper-class citizens for their help and cooperation. We, here in the organization, promise to keep the harmony of the society and simultaneously, to build up a society for equal justice and rights.   

Our Motto

  • Up-liftment of the poorest of the poor, and render justice and power to the downtrodden women & children living in rural areas of West Bengal.   
  • Overall handsome development of the society through community-based development programs.  
  • Empowerment of weaker sections, especially the children at risk, women, and adolescent girls.  
  • Rendering social justice through human rights;  
  • GLOBAL CARE of environment through the preservation of Green at all levels, both natural and social, and to fight against pollution of all sorts.  
  • Better health conditions of the poor through the implementation of a healthcare program. 

The objective of the Organization

The basic objectives of BRGUS are manifested through its activities, like: –  

  • Preach sympathy, fellow feeling and building up unity among the followers of different religions and develop a sense of social and religious toleration;  
  • Take up social welfare activities to improve the economy including Education, Public Health, and other related development works of the locality, moral, and social status of the people.  
  • Assist the people in exploring employment opportunities through entrepreneurship development programs and promotion of vocational training institutions/centers.  
  • Irrespective of gender, encourage the youths towards various small scale industries’ schemes, by imparting scientific training. BRGUS also encourage them in taking up poultry farming, bee, honey, jam, jelly, fruit processing, doll making, village pottery, soap making and other works to attain self-sufficiency and financial independence; 
  • Assist the poor and distressed people during the hour of need.  
  • Help the sick, helpless, and financially weaker section of the community.  
  • Universal enrolment of all children including girls, using both full-time formal school and part-time non formal arrangements to reduce the school dropout rates.  
  • Introducing and helping the children to a minimum level of learning through the introduction of innovative children’s education methods, reducing the load of their school bags.  
  • Advocacy and mobilization for promoting education amongst weaker sections and minority community people of this city.  
  • Convergence for optimal utilization of resources for maximum impact for the benefit of the society in general and the weaker section in particular. 

Our Approach

Our Mission

To contribute towards the social recognition of the poorest of the poor, empower the rights of children, their right to education, and the empowerment of women by uplifting their social and economic status in the community, setting aside their political, religious or social status. 

Our Vision

BRGUS envisages a Society socially just, economically equitable and sound, environmentally healthy, and genuinely democratic.

Our Aims

Up-liftment of the poorest of the poor, and render justice and power to the downtrodden women & children living in rural

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Vill & P.O.- Bhanru Ramkrishnapur, District- South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, 743610

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