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BRGUS and Underprivileged Children

Remedial Coaching Center

Children of rural communities were in an adverse milieu and they were mostly deprived of their rights and protection. They were either loiter, a rag picker, or child labor. But after mainstreaming them into formal schools as 1st generation learners, BRGUS arranged remedial coaching centers at their community for their continued education through sincere guidance and support. The remedial coaching centers run for 3 hours daily during morning and evening as per need of the children.  

Children’s Psycho-social Development

Children of rural-dwelling communities are grown up in an obnoxious environment. They have to face different disadvantages and hazard psychologically round the clock. Their mental state is aggressive, arrogant, and absent-minded. To some extent, they are deviant. To protect them from this, BRGUS organizes the different cultural programs, games(Indoor & Outdoor) for their psycho-social development. They actively participated and enjoyed it. Now they are in a psychologically healthy position.   

Personal Health & Hygiene of Children

Regular health check, health and hygiene awareness, and education were conducted by the expert medical practitioners and other field staff of BRGUS. Children and their mothers participated actively. Gradually, their health and hygiene care had been improved.  

Rural library

It also runs a rural library with a reading room facility. Local people (especially school going children and youth) are availing this facility. There are about 200 books including reference books, novels, short stories, and others in the library. About 78 members, out of which about 70 members of this library are regularly visiting this library.  

BRGUS and Poor Women

The organization conducted sensitization and management programs on gender sensitization, women’s rights, and legal education for their social empowerment.  Another step is for health care and education with special emphasis on Reproductive Child Health to women and adolescents Girls through awareness meetings and health check-up programs.  For economical empowerment, the organization was organizing Skill training on various local-based products Zari & jute, boutique, tailoring, handicrafts with bamboo to promote income generation programs among women. Awareness of anti-dowry, anti-trafficking, and protection of girls from child marriage was organized. The meeting and discussion through various media have effectively covered the issue. Leadership training among Muslim women and girls was conducted in the project areas, aiming to strengthen the capacity of the said category to develop the bridge of relationship with various development agencies for their betterment.                     


Income generation through Food Processing Industries Training and Awareness Program Among Women

The organization conducted Food Processing Industries Training and awareness generation program among women of SHGs. Awareness generation and education program on Human rights among the backward and minority(Muslim): The organization has developed a network of relationships with rural communities mostly dominated by the backward and minority(Muslim) population.  

BRGUS and Unemployment Youth(male & female)

BRGUS imparted skill training program for the unemployed youth(male and female) of rural area on beautician course, cooking, tailoring &   readymade garments, computer with its initiative.   

Leadership Training

The organization organized leadership training for the youth. There were a few camps organized throughout the year and it covered about 300 youth. The expertise team took a prime role as faculty/speaker of the program. Group discussions and presentations were conducted to assess their leadership ability and quality. 

Observation of Youth Day

The organization observed Youth Day on the occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda through various colorful programs in the rural area. It conducted community cleanliness, community activities, and the cultural program also.

Games & Sports

This year we have conducted a Football tournament and this tournament were organized by us to mobilize the different clubs to participate in this football tournament where the competition was held between the local clubs and the prizes were distributed as a team as well as the best player and man of the match. In this area, this type of football tournament has made an impact, which was attracted by the people surrounding the area. 


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